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BTC Logistiek B.V. believes in complete solutions. Our service provision therefore breaks down into road transport, barge and rail. That is why together we find the golden combination for transporting your shipping container.

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The transportation of your shipping container

At BTC Logistiek B.V., a passion for logistics blends with years of experience and a dose of knowledge. Born from a passion of trucks and the driving profession. Expanded into logistics provider with capabilities on road, barge and rail within European borders.

Road transport

The passion for logistics all started on the road. Everhart and Willem once started out themselves in a truck. They have travelled thousands of miles with the truck, building up over 40 years of experience together. So when you say BTC Logistiek B.V., you say trucking. Now, years later, they use that experience to work with the entire team to arrange your transport to perfection.

Barge and rail

Over the years, BTC Logistiek B.V. has developed into more than just a road carrier. By bringing barge and rail knowledge and expertise into the company, road services have expanded with opportunities on water and rail. As a result, BTC Logistiek B.V. is now the number one logistics partner for the transport of sea containers.


Do you have goods that are sent to distant destinations via cross-docking or a shipment that needs to be secured in a seaworthy manner? We offer these services from our own warehouse in Zaltbommel. We organize both the pre-transport to our warehouse and the subsequent-transport at competitive prices. That's why our slogan: More than just a carrier!
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A simple solution for a complex issue

With the motivation to keep discovering, the team of BTC Logistiek B.V. has seen, heard and experienced a lot over the years. The world of logistics is always changing, bringing new challenges every single day. BTC Logistiek B.V. faces these challenges with and for you, armed with years of knowledge and experience. This enables them to (often) come up with a simple solution to complex issues.
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Our way of working

The world of logistics will always be moving, but our way of working remains the same. It provides a handhold and a foundation to rely on.

1. 1. Request transport

Do you know what you need? Then simply request your transport through mail, phone or the website. Or would you rather talk about the possibilities first? If so, we will be happy to inform and advise you about the possibilities.

2. Transport planning

Once we have come to an agreement together, it is time to schedule the transport. You send your order. We check these and, in doing so, look for the ultimate planning to deliver your shipping container to its destination on time.

3. Logistical handling

On the agreed date and time, we will be ready to carry out your order. Where necessary, we provide real-time information and intervene when we foresee problems. That way, we maintain the planning and guide everything in the right direction.

4. Document forwarding

After the logistical handling, we make sure all documents are okay so that they can come your way immediately.

Bolloré Logistics Netherlands B.V.
Bolloré Logistics Netherlands B.V.

The good contact with people, the expertise and the constant willingness to go the extra mile. This creates advantages, both financially and in terms of time.”

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