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Logistics is in our DNA. This makes BTC Logistiek B.V. more than just a shipping container carrier. It is the logistics service provider that thinks, looks and moves with you.

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Our expertise indoors, for your sea container transport outdoors

The European borders are the physical limits of our sea container transport. Nevertheless, our service goes beyond those limits. Literally, by monitoring your shipping container in preparations so we can anticipate. Metaphorically, because we work not for but with you through our easy-to-access service. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise so that your transport runs flawlessly. Anytime, anywhere. After all, transport is the essence; our service makes the difference.
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I want to request a transport

Sometimes we don’t have to make things more difficult than they are. A shipping container arriving at a European port and needing to be taken to its final destination? Or vice versa? Then request your transport at BTC Logistiek B.V.

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I have a logistic issue

An issue or a rather interesting challenge? It is a matter of perspective. We gladly rise to the challenge by smartly deploying our capabilities on road transport, barge and/or rail.

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Our specialisms within sea container logistics

BTC Logistiek B.V.'s services extend beyond road transport of sea containers. We have three specialisms on which we build our services.

Our services

Road transport

Experience the benefits of fast and efficient road transport


Experience the freedom of a barge large capacity in your wallet as well, thanks to this relatively low-cost alternative.


Experience the time benefits of a unique and far-reaching rail network at a sharp rate.


Experience our service that goes further than just transport from A to B.


Our warehouse, centrally located in the Netherlands, offers all possibilities for (temporary) storage or cross-docking

Clearfreight BV
Clearfreight BV

“A two-way collaboration based on trust. Together, we always find the best solution to our problem.”

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