About us

Who are we? Shortly, we are driven professionals. Described in slightly more detail, we form an experienced team of logistics professionals. Together, we work hard every day to support you in your logistics issues.

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Our Story

The foundation for BTC Logistiek B.V. was laid when Everhart and Willem combined their knowledge and experience into one company. They combined their roots in the logistics sector with a huge drive to grow. That turned out to be a golden recipe. Together, they have blossomed BTC Logistiek B.V. into an organization with over 35 trucks on the road every day.

So where do we stand today?

We started with 10 cars on the road, and soon it became 35. A transport of 100 sea containers a week, soon became a transport of 300 sea containers per week. Road transport, was soon expanded to include rail and water transport. And a driven duo, soon became a team of experienced professionals. Every day they are committed to providing high-quality but approachable services.
Meet our back office team

More than 35 cars on the road

We transport over 95% of sea containers with our own trucks and long-term charters.

More than 300 sea containers on their way every week

We pick them up in Rotterdam, Antwerp or other European ports and transport them across Europe.

More than just carrier

Our knowledge and expertise enable us to think with you, be flexible and come up with a simple solution to a complex issue. BTC Logistiek B.V. takes care of everything.

Team BTC

Here we are. The professionals together. Every day, we put ourselves at the service of your logistics issue. We like to be decisive, approachable but above all social. Whether you come to us for an extra pair of eyes to check, a refreshing look at a logistics issue or any other general question. We look forward to hearing from you!

Everhart Nijhoff

Eigenaar / Directeur

René van der Sterren

Order Entry

Willem van Mourik

Eigenaar / Directeur

Wilco van den Bosch


Evertjan Bogerd

Logistiek Planner

Gera Heikoop


Marcel Laponder


Stef Daemen

Project & Intermodaal

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